8 Tips to Increase Your Revenue and Attract Customers in 2021


In recent years, marketing experts insisted that businesses should treat social media posts, emails, and websites like precious objects. They warned us to be careful with our content; don’t share too much or provide too much information because you will overwhelm or annoy your customers.

That logic has gone out the window with COVID. Customers are looking for information and they’re looking for it now. And, if your restaurant or venue publishes current information and content about the things that customers want to hear about, they’re not going to care how often you post or email or how much information is on your website because your posts are valuable. You’re also facing a lot of competition in the feed with news, current events, posts from friends and family, and posts from other businesses people follow, so it’s important now more than ever to get seen and bring in new business.

Tripleseat and GoDaddy teamed up to create a webinar packed with marketing tips to help our hospitality customers set themselves up for success and drive revenue in the new year. You can view the recording of the webinar, 8 Tips to Increase Your Revenue and Attract Customers in 2021, below to learn how to:

  • Get found where diners are looking
  • Make marketing simple and easy
  • Save time on social media
  • Tell your story with visual content
  • Capitalize with Instagram Stories to leverage promotions
  • Broaden your offerings/marketing campaigns
  • Work with micro-influencers to benefit your business
  • Prove and improve your metrics and ROI

Need more resources?

Prepare for 2021 with Events Industry Handbook, The Event Professional’s Guide to Creating a Marketing Plan. This handbook will help you figure out what tools to use, how and what type of marketing content to create, and how to determine success and improvement in three easy steps.