7 Videos to Help Event Professionals Learn Tripleseat Best Practices


With the holiday season underway, your venue is probably getting busier and your calendar is getting packed with holiday bookings. If you’re using Tripleseat, you have the top platform to manage event bookings but are you getting the most out of our features to handle the increase in business?

Whether you are new to Tripleseat or you’ve been using it for years, make sure that you watch these seven videos that will help you master the best practices you’ll need to have a successful holiday events season.

1. Put Your Lead Form Everywhere

You’ve probably added your Tripleseat lead form to your venue’s website, but are you using the lead form link in all of your marketing tools and campaigns? This video will show you how to find your lead form link and add it to your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media posts.

2. Lead Actions

Once a lead is submitted through your Tripleseat lead form, what do you do next? This video walks you through several options and actions you can take for each new lead.

3. Actions on an Event

The actions button for individual events provides several options for communication, tasks, and organization. Watch this video for details on each option.

4. Calendar export

Tripleseat’s calendar is a dream for people who are detail-oriented. But did you know that you can export your Tripleseat calendar and add all calendar entries to your personal calendar? View this video to learn more.

5. Contacts & Accounts

Your Tripleseat account also acts as a CRM and keeps track of the social clients and corporate planners that book with your venue. This video explains the difference between contacts and accounts in your database, which details are stored, and how to use the search tool.

6. Best Practices — Closing an Event

There are several steps you should take when closing out an event to make sure everything is reported accurately in your Tripleseat account. This video breaks it all down.

7. Online Payment Integration with Tripleseat

Guests can easily make payments on their events in their guest portal when you use CardConnect or Stripe to process credit cards. Watch this video to learn how payment integration works in Tripleseat.

Get started now for a successful holiday season

It’s time to get your Tripleseat account organized and ready for the holiday season, and these videos and best practices will give you a great head start. If you are not a Tripleseat customer but want to increase sales and drive business to your restaurant or unique venue for the holiday season, click here to schedule a demo to learn about how Tripleseat can help you.

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