5 Tripleseat Hotels Features to Save Your Sanity


Being part of a hotel sales team responsible for managing various groups, conferences, and events is no small feat. You are faced daily with countless expectations to meet – from bringing in new clients, fielding questions, planning events, booking sleeping rooms, assigning tasks to team members, reporting, and more – all in order to pull off a thriving group business. Some say you must be insane to be able to juggle it all. Tripleseat Hotels knows how to make your group booking management easy.

Tripleseat Hotels, the leading event management software, was designed knowing firsthand about what it takes to manage a variety of groups and events. Whether planning smaller corporate meetings, mid-sized weddings, or extraordinary banquet events, using our cloud-based software will allow you to execute them smoothly. Let’s show you our favorite Tripleseat Hotels features:

1. Custom lead forms 

A paramount feature of Tripleseat Hotels is our custom lead form, which makes the process of bringing in new clients straightforward. You can create a variety of lead forms to meet your hotel’s group business needs. This makes it flexible for hotels — no matter what event space you have, whether you are a boutique, resort, or business hotel, or whether you are a single property or part of a larger management group. Place a link to your lead form on your hotel’s website, social media pages, and more. Drive more group sales efficiently, and all lead information goes directly into the Tripleseat platform.

2. Seamless communication

Meet client expectations through superior communication tools with Tripleseat Hotels. Our discussion email feature makes for seamless messaging with clients with the use of custom templates and documents. Tripleseat Hotels makes contracts, menu planning, room setup, invoicing, and other event related services painless. You’ll also be able to use user roles, clearly assign tasks, and send messages to collaborate with the sales team, event team, and general managers. Efficient communication maximizes group service success and your peace of mind that group sales and operations are running smoothly.

3. Guest Room Control (GRC)

We know that sleeping room blocks are an important part of group sales. With multiple Property Management System (PMS) integrations available and using our GRC feature, you can add a room block into the system, and it will automatically update in your PMS in real-time. Make a room rate or inventory change in your PMS, and updates are instantly made to Tripleseat. Flexible for boutique and chain hotels, our room booking documents and invoicing gives you seamless and stress-free event planning.

4. Tripleseat integrations

Because we want you to have all the tools you need, Tripleseat integrates seamlessly with leading hotel software such as Oracle’s OPERA, StayNTouch, WebRezPro, and infor. Check out our marketplace to see our active integrations.

5. Reporting engine

Tripleseat Hotels’ business intelligence reporting engine allows you to run custom reports, discover your top revenue-generating clients, and gain valuable insights into your group business. Compile accurate sales and financial reports effortlessly. Forecast rates, incremental revenue, and formulate sales and marketing strategies help to drive group business.

Want to know more about Tripleseat Hotels?

Stop the insanity and manage your hotel’s group sales from hotel room blocks to booking event function spaces and growing banquet revenues in one tool with Tripleseat for Hotels. Schedule a demo to learn more.