5 Things Event Planners Want in a Venue


When you do business in a city with multiple venues, you’ll need to ensure that your space is more attractive than the others in town in order to give customers and event planners a reason to choose your facilities and services over others. If you want to make sure your venue is appealing to event planners, the following five factors can help.

1. A technologically equipped space

It’s nice to have a beautiful room and delicious food, but if you’re hosting special events for people, you need to have a room that is technologically equipped. This means that you should have speakers for people to play music on, screens to project videos or computer screens onto, televisions, microphones, and the proper cords and equipment to connect any potential devices. Also, make sure your space has plenty of electrical outlets that are easy to access and good wireless internet so that customers can stream content or access social media while they are at an event.

2. Good acoustics

Your venue should offer good acoustics for a range of events. Your space should be quiet enough for people to listen to speeches and toasts, and also appropriately loud when crowds are talking or dancing. If you have a cavernous space or one with lots of hard surfaces, consider incorporating carpet, cloth, and soft surfaces to muffle sounds. Also, to make it easier for guests at an event to hear any spoken deliveries, make sure you have sound equipment, such as microphones and speakers.

3. Convenient (and enough) restrooms

When choosing a venue, event planners will want to make sure there are convenient restroom facilities nearby — and that there are enough to accommodate a large group. If a venue offers a space outside, most event planners will want there to be a restroom within a short walking distance. If not, the venue should provide portable options.

4. Flexibility

Every event is different, which is why event planners value venues and spaces that are flexible in terms of accepting different vendors, decor options, timing, and so on. Venues that limit a planner’s options are a turn-off because it makes it hard for them to meet their client’s specific needs. If your venue is a restaurant, planners appreciate flexibility in terms of choosing menu items, beverages, food setup, and more.

5. Help with load-in and load-out

Setting up an event venue can be time-consuming and difficult. Event planners appreciate a venue that has onsite staff who can help set up the event before it starts, work during the event, then break it down once it is over. Event planners also appreciate when an event space offers hand trucks for outside vendors to easily bring items in, easy parking for large trucks making deliveries and staff on hand who can guide the whole process and keep it organized.

Bonus: Promoting your venue

If you have an event venue and you want to appeal to event planners, these are some simple steps you can take. By equipping your space with the right technology, staff and allowing room for creativity, you can drive up business and establish yourself as a trusted and preferred space. Then, make sure you get the word out about your space.

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