5 Things Corporate Planners Are Looking For in a Conference or Meeting Venue


As a corporate meeting planner, I’ve hosted a lot of different types of events: conferences, executive dinners, galas, corporate retreats, receptions, and the list goes on. When it comes to sourcing a venue for each of these events, no two are exactly the same and each comes with its own specific requirements. A venue that might be desirable for a networking reception or executive dinner might not work as well for a conference presentation, for example. So what is on my list when I am looking for a conference and meeting venue?

1. Flexibility and flow 

Meeting space that can be rearranged easily is always a plus. I’m also looking for the flexibility to either take a larger room and break it up into two to run multiple meetings or sessions (but only be charged one room rental fee). Or a space that can be sectioned off to have a presentation on onside but also all of our breaks and meals on the other side. It’s also important that conference or meeting space allows attendees to easily navigate the flow. Setting up a registration desk on one level and meeting space or meal space on a different level is never ideal. 

2. Private meeting space 

Another thing I appreciate as a meeting planner is having private space dedicated to my group only. I get it — a venue will fit as many meetings as they can into their space, so oftentimes, a venue with multiple rooms will host multiple groups on the same day. It’s always good to be able to divide and separate the meeting space so that each group feels like they have their own private areas. It only gets more confusing when groups are on top of each other if they need to share areas. Being able to have full authority over the space and brand with your own signage is also an extra perk!

3. Natural light

Just because we are stuck inside for a meeting all day doesn’t mean we should be subjected to only fluorescent lighting. Space that is able to let in natural light is an underrated perk. It will help keep attendees awake and alert, rather than being in a basement space with no windows. It also makes the room feel larger and airier and contributes to the overall ambiance. Throw a nice view in there, and attendees will notice. The best feeling is having attendees snap photos of awesome views they got to see while they had a work conference to go to! 

4. Something unique or special to your venue 

Corporate planners are always looking for ways to spice up or enhance their usual events. Now while this is very vague, it will be important to highlight anything in your venue that you think could benefit your client’s overall event mission or could enhance their attendees’ experience. For example, if your venue is big on sustainability and that is something you know is important to your client, let them know! Entice them by highlighting sustainable menus, or show how you can help reduce food waste for their meeting. It’s important to really understand what is important to your corporate clients and highlight how your venue can align with them. 

5. Flexibility and transparency 

Any corporate planner will tell you that what they always appreciate when it comes to a venue is flexibility and transparency. Being open with your clients helps them feel like you are a part of their team and are equally invested in the success of their event. If a planner has a request that you can’t accommodate, let them know the reasoning behind it and offer a solution rather than just denying the request. Most corporate planners understand and are able to be flexible themselves — this is something that definitely works both ways! 

Make bookings easier for corporate clients

Once you have these amenities in place for your corporate event clients, make sure that you have an event management software that can help you easily organize every detail, from booking to billing. Schedule a demo at a time and date that works for you to learn more about how Tripleseat can help you build and streamline your events and private dining business.

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