5 Catering Packages Your Venue Should Offer


With all of the buzz lately surrounding Tripleseat’s newest product, Tripleseat+ Direct, you may be wondering how you can glow up your current catering package options to fully utilize all of the fantastic features Tripleseat+ Direct offers. I’ve done some serious research on unique catering options from venues of all types and rounded up five fun and accessible options you could pull off easily.

1. Celebration Boxes

Celebration boxes are a more curated and elegant way to offer your clients boxed catering. For example, you can offer a dessert celebration box that includes fresh baked cookies, mini mason jar pudding cakes, s’mores kits, or any other dessert your venue can offer. You could also do a brunch celebration box filled with mini yogurt parfaits, pastries, bagels, and fruit. Charge a per person price but offer large enough boxes to fill with food for up to five, 10, and 15 people. Your clients would be impressed with the organization and size of each offer. Remember to be unique with your packaging, brand each box, and add menu cards to explain each item. 

2. Build-a-bash

The build-a-bash idea is similar to celebration boxes but entails a bit more than the meals. With this type of package, you not only offer your clients boxed meals, but you also offer them decorations like balloon arrangements, streamers, flowers, and whatever else you can think of. Of course, in most cases, you’ll need to partner with local vendors to make this package happen, but it’s a great way to not only build up your clientele but help your fellow small business owners build up theirs. 

3. Barbecue in a box

Clearly, I’m into the boxed meal trend lately. But this one is especially awesome during the summer months. It’s barbecue season, but not everyone has the means to host an authentic barbecue. I know that for the 10 years I spent living in downtown Boston I never owned a grill. Even when I was lucky enough to have an apartment with a roof deck, I wasn’t allowed to put a grill on it per city codes. That’s where your restaurant can come in to save the day. 

4. Bagged or jarred cocktails 

Assuming your venue is still allowed to offer to-go cocktails, this is a great way to serve them. Think individual-sized mason jars filled with fresh, scratch cocktails, or served-up juice box style straw and all. This is an excellent upsell to your standard catering packages or even great as a standalone cocktail package. Even better, combine an appetizer catering package with the cocktails for a catered cocktail reception. Just make sure the cocktails you’re offering aren’t something your clients could easily shake up on their own. Be creative with muddled fruit and herbs and hard-to-find spirits and liqueurs. 

5. Nibbles on the go

These catering packages are great if your venue caters to a lot of corporate clients. The point of nibbles on-the-go packages is to offer people snacks that they can pick on throughout the day, in between meetings and formal meals. The snacks you offer should be able to hold over a more extended time, like homemade trail mix, pretzel stations with optional toppings, gourmet popcorn, fruit cups, mini-wrapped sandwiches, or vegetable chips like kale and sweet potato. 

Try it out for yourself

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