4 Ways Private Dining Brings Calm to a Chaotic Industry

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Private dining can significantly contribute to your overall success and infuse more predictability into your business. We’ve all seen this service approach embraced by the most successful restaurants and for good reason.

As a general manager, you’re undoubtedly juggling numerous responsibilities and understand that only a handful of factors are within your control. While revenue might experience significant fluctuations, the fixed overhead remains relatively inflexible. This is where private dining steps in as a solution. Let’s explore the compelling reasons why private groups provide you a bit more control in what can be an unpredictable business.

1. Deposit revenue means less financial stress

One of the primary ways that private dining benefits your restaurant is through deposit revenue and more consistent cash flow. Asking for say 25% when the event is confirmed can cover your food cost and help retain staff during slow periods of the year. Deposit revenue is an opportunity to create more consistent money coming in throughout the year. 

2. Prix Fixe menus smooth kitchen operations

Even though your restaurant might have an extensive menu, narrowing down the options to create a Prix Fixe menu is a best practice for private dining. This helps make your back-of-house operations more efficient. Having one or two first course items allows you to deliver food quickly and gives your line time to prepare the entrees. Desserts can often be pre-plated and may only require one or two touches before you bring them out to your guests. If you have 100 covers on a busy night, knowing that 25% of that business will be ordering off a limited menu helps everyone prep more efficiently. 

3. Signature cocktails and beverages make service easier

Beverage service is another component of private dining that you can strategize to make things easier for your staff and turn a higher profit. Creating a ‘signature cocktail’ makes your guests feel special, but more importantly allows you to create a batched beverage ahead of time – think Negronis, Old Fashioneds, and Manhattans. You can offer a limited scope of wine and beer and take advantage of case discounts and avoid any waste. By having beverages that are quick and easy to serve, your staff will be more attentive on keeping drinks topped off adding dollars to the tab.

4. More customers means more loyalty and more success

If you are thinking that a group of fifteen is a nightmare for your restaurant on a Saturday night, think again. Larger groups can and should be a part of your business strategy. You’ll be bringing in more people that may not have visited your restaurant before. You will have an opportunity to deliver a fantastic guest experience and turn newcomers into loyal regulars.

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David’s passion for hospitality began at an early age and he was a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. He has worked as a chef and a sommelier at fine-dining restaurants. After completing full-stack coding courses during the pandemic, he uses this technical background and his hospitality experience to bring software services to restaurants and event venues at Tripleseat. In his free time, David enjoys skiing, trail-running, and cycling.

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