Software Updates Just In Time For 2015


Well, it looks like the Holiday Season for 2014 was one for the books. Higher occupancy, higher Price Per Person and higher average Event Revenue. Everything was up up up. While you were busy with your Holiday events and private parties, Tripleseat was busy rolling out some great new features.

Revamped Venue Directorory


  • Alpha Searching-Visitors to our Venue Directory can now quickly and easily jump to the venue of their choice just by clicking on the letter that Venue name starts with
  • Infinite Scroll-We added the ability for the page to continue to scroll without having to click a “next page” button. This scroll is great for cities with many venues on it.
  • Back to the Top-A new “Back to the top” link has been added to the right hand side on the page. This button eliminates the need to scroll back to the top. Just click the button and like an elevator it will take you back to the top of the page
  • Search-A new Search button on the homepage allows the user to search directly for a venue by name. No scrolling or adding filters. Go directly to the venue and submit your request for information

Additional Site Security




  • Repeated Passwords Limit-Setting this to “5” will prevent a user from re-using any of their last 5 passwords. Setting this to zero or blank will disable this feature.
  • Idle Timeout-Force users to be logged out after this many minutes of inactivity. Setting to zero or blank will disable this feature.
  • Force Password Change-The number of days before users are forced to change their password. Setting to zero or blank will disable this feature

Homepage DashBoard Graph

This update allows you to see at a glance how many leads and events the venue has done by month. In addition, there are usage stats to show you how many Bookings, Contacts, Leads and created Documents have been created, If you click on any of the graphs it will take you directly to that month’s report. Easy, informative and fast.