10 Ways Your Independent Hotel Can Benefit From Technology

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One way an independent hotel can stand out from the competition is through the use of technology. Even if you are a small hotel or a newcomer, adopting innovative solutions improves your business by attracting customers, enhancing the guest experience, gaining operational efficiencies, or leveraging important insight into your independent hotel business. 

We’ve rounded up 10 ways we’ve seen independent hotels succeed in using tech.

Why choose technology for hospitality?

We know that personal, face-to-face connections play a vital role in providing a great guest experience. If you think technology may detract from your ability to extend hospitality, think again. 

Hotel technology provides many benefits that will positively impact customer satisfaction and make more room for you and your staff to engage with your guests. With the right tech, you can better serve and enhance experiences for your guests, improve staff and operational efficiencies, and gather insightful guest data to personalize your service. Ultimately adding the right innovative solutions gives you an edge in providing excellent hospitality. 

Here are some tech tools and features you can implement at your hotel.

1. Self-service check-in and check-out

Virtual front desks are advantageous to both your guests and your staff. This technology allows guests to conveniently check in and out of your hotel through a touch screen that connects to your property management system (PMS). 

Your guests can get access to their rooms, purchase upgrades, and do other hotel-related tasks. Self-serve kiosks minimize errors and increase upsell opportunities. By offering automated options like this, you lower your staffing need and allow your existing staff to focus on the guest experience. 

2. Virtual keys

Your independent hotel can make things streamlined for your guests and your staff by offering technology that allows guests to use their smartphones to open the doors to their rooms. A mobile or virtual key creates a seamless and low-stress experience for guests who no longer have to visit the front desk for a keycard. This mobile app technology speeds up guest arrival and departure and avoids keycard malfunctions. It’s a modern way to give guests a great first impression of their accommodations.

3. Text or hotel app interactions

What’s better than communicating with your guests easily and quickly? By utilizing mobile text or even a mobile app, your guests now have a convenient way to become self-sufficient, ask questions, or request services. Likewise, your staff can quickly and efficiently reach out to guests and respond to their questions. Text and apps make it easy for guests to plan their time at the hotel and give them more control over their experience. Also, you’ll be able to maximize guest services and amenities.

4. Voice recognition systems 

Using this high-tech feature, your guests can interact with apps and devices by speaking instead of typing. This technology makes it easier for guests to use devices because they can talk naturally instead of using a keyboard. It also makes it faster and easier for guests to get the information they need quickly since they don’t have to write anything down or search for a button to press. Additionally, voice recognition is an extra benefit to twith have disabilities.

5. Housekeeping and room service robots

Hotels are using programmable machines to perform tasks like certain housekeeping jobs or delivering room service. Think of using these robots to automate repetitive tasks such as stocking or delivering supplies within your hotel. Can you imagine how these robots are sure to impress your guests and increase day-to-day efficiency?

7. Event booking software

Hotels can no longer rely on manual processes to book events and drive group sales. Implementing hotel technology like industry leader Tripleseat can drive your group, event, and business travel revenue. The cloud-based platform integrates well with other hotel property management systems PMS) and solves many challenges of the sales cycle for room blocks and groups. You’ll increase your guest experience with fast and efficient responses to leads.

8. Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence, or AI, can be used in various areas within your hotel. This refers to software that can perform specific tasks without human intervention. Consider AI in a variety of ways, including your front desk, concierge, housekeeping, and anywhere you’d like to enhance a guest’s experience and make operations more efficient. AI can be used for things like analyzing occupancy rates, booking reservations, responding to customer requests, and sending automated messages. It even can be used for facial recognition to push personalized entertainment or advertisements.

9. QR codes

This technology is such an easy way to invite your guests to engage with your hotel online. As you probably are already familiar with QR codes, or quick response codes, they can be used for fast access to information. Hotels no longer have to print restaurant menus or room service menus by incorporating QR codes. You can also use QR codes for event promotions, payment requests, loyalty programs, hotel processes, or any other information you wish to share with your guests. 

10. In-room tech

You can provide modern digital conveniences for your hotel guests to make their stay personal and more comfortable. Supply them with tablets where they can make requests for things like wake-up calls or room service. Or, add smart devices to your guest rooms where your guests can control thermostats to the perfect temperature. Smart lighting or drapery controls that work with voice activation can give your guests control of their comfort. Smart mirrors and windows can display hotel information and become a virtual concierge. 

Technology continues to change, and we are excited to see hotels succeed by implementing innovative tech tools. Whether you add easy-to-use communication, automated processes, software, or some of the more forward-thinking tech, your guests can spend more time enjoying their stay at your independent hotel.

Invest in the top technology for your hotel

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