5 Reasons Hotels Make Event Planning Easy


Whether for business or social reasons, planning, executing, and hosting an event can be stressful. Just selecting a location can be the most daunting part of the process! 

Fortunately, hotel venues can be the best option when searching for a place to hold events. Below are five reasons to strongly consider hosting your next event at a hotel.

1. Hotel space exists for events 

You don’t need to worry about a space with a pre-determined set-up or all built-in seating and tables that don’t allow you the flexibility to make the space your own because this space will almost always be customizable.

2. It’s perfect for attendees who are traveling to your event

Have guests coming in from out of town (or are just not interested in driving home at the night’s end)? It doesn’t get much easier than putting them up in a room down the hall. Plus, hotels will typically work with you on a negotiated overnight rate if you host an event onsite! Win-win.

3. They can offer booking incentives 

Hotels love having loyal guests book not only overnight guest rooms but also their event space. So properties tend to want to incentivize their loyal guests to book with them in more ways than one — whether it be with extra rewards points or great deals, you could get a lot more bang for your buck.

4. Hotels provide consistency

Loyalty points aside, hotel brands also offer a level of consistency that you can grow to expect amongst properties, which extends to their events. Say you loved your stay or event at a property in Dallas. They have a sister property in Chicago, where you are looking to plan your next event. In that case, it can give you the ultimate peace of mind knowing there are brand standards in place (and most times, the properties will talk to each other and be sure you are just as happy at their location as the last!).

5. Hotels are obsessed with organization

Hotels tend to have their processes down to a science, which makes the booking and planning process pretty seamless. Properties that utilize event management software, such as Tripleseat, can have a simple request form on their website for you to fill out which will give them all of your information to help you move forward with the booking without even talking to you directly!

Do you manage events at your hotel?

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