Tripleseat Case Study:

Redbird and Vibiana

Since 2019, Redbird and Vibiana have used Tripleseat as a complete event management platform, taking new leads and turning them into events that guests will remember forever. The events team relies on a variety of Tripleseat features to streamline event operations, manage essential event details, and handle more event business at one time.


Tripleseat’s Leads Tab

New leads can always be found within the Leads tab, making it easy for the team to jump from lead to lead as events are in the beginning stages of the planning process. Johanna Blyth, Director of Event Sales & Operations at Redbird and Vibiana, describes how 6 to 7 members of her team will be managing leads and events at one time within Tripleseat, a functionality that comes in handy with the volume of leads they receive.


Tripleseat’s Documents

As events make their way through the planning process, contracts, menus, and BEOs are all created and stored within Tripleseat. Documents in Tripleseat, like signed contracts, event orders, and proposals, are always time-stamped, so Blyth and her team can see the progress of documentation through the planning process and know how recently items have been updated or finalized.

Tripleseat’s Online Payments

When it comes to payment, Blyth accepts online payments for deposits and full event payments via Tripleseat’s payment partner, Stripe. This saves immense amounts of time by eliminating the need for manual paperwork and allowing Blyth to book events even faster. The use of online payments is an extremely efficient and secure process for both parties involved.

  • We use Tripleseat as a full event management platform! It houses all of our communication with the guests from leads to the calendar of events across both properties – 7 event spaces. We use it to handle all BEOs, contracts, menus, and templates. We like it because it’s a live platform that updates in real-time!

    Johanna Blyth Director of Event Sales & Operations at Redbird and Vibiana

Results using Tripleseat

Centralized Information

By using Tripleseat to its full extent, Blyth’s team can find anything and everything they need to produce successful events in one centralized location.


Internal Transparency

Tripleseat helps all members of the events team access key information to do their job the best they can – from access to client conversations, the calendar of events, menus, reporting and so much more.

Increased Volume

By tapping into technology, Redbird and Vibiana can handle a larger volume of events at once, minimize the risk of mistakes during the planning process, and create a seamless guest experience.


Endless Opportunities for Private Events

The future is bright for Redbird and Vibiana, with plans for continued growth for private events at both venues. The opportunity for creativity with events at Redbird and Vibiana is truly endless and Tripleseat will continue to be the solution to help efficiently manage each of these event experiences.

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