Tripleseat Case Study: Louie London

Louie London uses Tripleseat to capture event enquires, convert leads, execute events and report on trends and forecast activity in the future in their Covent Garden location.

Capturing new leads

The team at Louie love the speed and professionalism Tripleseat creates for their event and private dining business. The team can jump right onto lead enquires and then use Tripleseat’s intuitive features like diary management and colour-coding to convert these to confirmed events.

Growing sales by reporting

The team at Louie now have more time to focus on the customer and less admin to do – driving sales. Phil credits the reporting feature in Tripleseat as one of his favourites – allowing the team to see past activity and revenue, and predict and plan for future activity.


With Tripleseat Phil and his team all have access from FOH to BOH they are all up-to-date on the details of the events – from function sheets, to taking payments via Stripe – and being cloud-based the team can do this from anywhere!

  • “We wanted to create efficiencies for the team, improve customer service and drive sales… Tripleseat ticks all the boxes “

    Phil Nankivell, Events Consultant, Louie London



Phil credits Tripleseat for turning the focus at Louie from admin to customers. Where the team used to focus on admin the efficiencies and immediacy of communication with enquires and customers allows the customer to be front and centre!


Having used clunky, outdated manual methods for event planning and management previously Phil bought Tripleseat onboard to Louie. He was looking for a system that streamlined the process, made it easy for the team and that everyone had access to and most importantly grew sales and Tripleseat does just that Phil says. 

Team collaboration

Phil and the team always know what’s going on with any enquiry of booking, with all the team from FOH to BOH having access at any time. Anyone can jump in and pick-up the communication, nothing’s slowed down or missed. Phil can focus on reporting and growing sales with Tripleseat’s reporting features.

The team at Louie London have streamline the event management process, increasing productivity and turning their focus to the customer and growing sales.

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