Tripleseat Case Study: Lord Hobo Brewing Co

After implementing Tripleseat, Lord Hobo has seen a 200% increase in lead conversion and a 100% increase in event revenue across two locations.

Human Error

The biggest challenge Lord Hobo faced before using Tripleseat was human error because one team member was trying to keep track of a lot of moving details.


Communication across departments was truly hard because everything was stored under one personal email and account. Therefore the rest of the staff had zero access or insight into what was happening with events at any given moment.

No Client Database

Lord Hobo faced challenges with managing client information before adopting Tripleseat. They relied on multiple Google Docs to store client data, leading to limitations in accuracy and shareability. This decentralized approach made it difficult to maintain consistency and efficiency in communicating with event planners. The absence of branding in their communications further disrupted the smooth and seamless experience for planners and Lord Hobo.

  • “Tripleseat is the gold standard!”

    Grace Kelly, Private Event Sales Manager at Lord Hobo Brewing Co


Optimized Event Execution

Templates and tasks were a huge time saver for Lord Hobo. How they execute events is individualized based on what the event planner is looking for and when they want to book an event. Being able to approach each new event with pre-saved templates and auto tasks that have the correct verbiage, and have the branded notes in them, gives the events team a concrete foundation to build on, which reduces the need from having to start from scratch every time a new lead is created. By implementing Tripleseat, Lord Hobo was able to address several issues and streamline their client management process.

Valuable Marketing Strategy

The more private events hosted in the Lord Hobo taproom, the more organic traffic to their website and taproom increased. Hosting private events introduces their space to new faces they may have yet to learn about Lord Hobo or their event capabilities.

Positive Financial Performance

Prior to onboarding Tripleseat, Lord Hobo booked one out of ten leads that came in; since onboarding Tripleseat, they have increased that average to two to three leads booked for every ten that come in, and from a revenue perspective, they have seen a 100% increase, between two locations.

Lord Hobo has ambitious plans for expansion, significant projects, and overall growth in 2023. With the implementation of Tripleseat, they are well-equipped to execute their established initiatives and achieve their goals. Tripleseat provides Lord Hobo with detailed reporting capabilities, allowing Lord Hobo to analyze their performance metrics effectively. This, combined with their lead and revenue growth, positions Lord Hobo to elevate their events to new heights. The availability of Tripleseat will enable them to organize bigger and better events, contributing to their overall success and continued growth.

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