Tripleseat Case Study:

Land & Sea Dept.

Land & Sea Dept. uses Tripleseat’s robust suite of features including TripleseatDirect to grow event experiences across 10 Midwest and Southern restaurants to reach a 400% increase in event revenue.


Past tech was unreliable and inefficient

Prior to using Tripleseat, Land & Sea Dept. was hindered by highly inefficient and potentially risky technology. Using Google Docs was time-consuming and information had the potential to get lost.

Event operations needed team alignment

Because Land & Sea Dept. has a unique and diverse suite of restaurants, their team was challenged to execute detailed and complex operations for events.

Guest experience was crucial 

Land & Sea Dept. was faced to accommodate all sorts of event scenarios for their guests in their various high demand locations. Their event and catering success depended on providing an excellent guest experience.

  • “I could not recommend Tripleseat highly enough. It’s a tool that has just proven itself over and over again across the ranks of the company in terms of our ability to throw successful events and has totally transformed the kind of business we are able to do.”

    Ginny Cook — Director of Events, Programming and Partnerships at Land & Sea Dept.

Results using Tripleseat and TripleseatDirect

Efficient Event Experience

Tripleseat creates a clean and understandable interface for both the team at Land & Sea Dept. and their customers. Using TripleseatDirect lead forms, the process of self-service group reservations and event booking at all of Land & Sea Dept.’s locations has become easy for all to use.

Effective Teamwork

Cloud-based Tripleseat allows the Land & Sea Dept. team to stay nimble and succeed operationally. Tripleseat’s communication features and content templates are crucial and enormously time-saving for what Cook says are “endless scenarios across all restaurants.”

Awesome Guest Experience

Land & Sea Dept. adopted the TripleseatDirect feature in several of their restaurants to empower their guests to make group reservations on premise, directly order catering, or book an in-house private event. The experience for customers is very clear and seamless.

More Events and More Revenue for Land & Sea Dept.

By choosing to use Tripleseat, Cook has been enabled to focus on driving value to her customers and growing the Land & Sea Dept. event and catering revenue. They started as a small independent restaurant group, and evolved to having 10 restaurant locations and hosting on average 75 events each month with 10 guests to 500 guests. Their private dining, events, and catering revenue has grown 400% across all of their stores.

Land and Sea Dept. continues to grow and succeed. Cook says, “To have a platform that is so easy to use, organizes us so efficiently, I think that it has helped us make more money.” Additionally, she confidently shares, “We throw successful events!”

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