Tripleseat Case Study: Howl at the Moon

Howl at the Moon uses Tripleseat to manage social and corporate events across 21 locations.

Stunted by old technology

Prior to using Tripleseat, Howl at the Moon used a competing platform that was server-based and required the team to log in at their location’s desktop computer to make updates.

A need for modern features

Given that Howl at the Moon manages hundreds of events at one time, it is imperative to have a tool to make updates on the fly.

Cloud-based software for all locations

Howl at the Moon realized that a more modern and streamlined system would be necessary to have the flexibility to make changes from anywhere at any time.

  • “I don’t have to do the work; Tripleseat does it for me.”

    Valerie Milley, Senior Sales and Event Manager at Howl at the Moon


Meeting revenue goals

Tripleseat users know that event statuses are color coded on the Tripleseat calendar to clearly show where an event is in the event planning process. The color-coded calendar feature keeps her team organized and on track as they strive to reach all their revenue goals. 

Accessible by the entire team

It is easy for anyone — from an event manager to a hostess to a server — to go in and see the upcoming events on the calendar in one place.

Availability of key information

The dashboard provides key information that the events team can share with upper management and the corporate office to show tangible proof of incoming leads and the event forecast for various time periods.

As Howl at the Moon heads into 2023, they anticipate more enthusiastic groups ready to book events for a true Howl at the Moon event experience. Through the help of Tripleseat’s user-friendly platform, Howl at the Moon will stay organized and on track to hit all business goals in stride.

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