Tripleseat Case Study:

Greco Entertainment Group

The private events program at Greco Entertainment Group’s Fia and Fia Steak has grown immensely over the past two years, adding a significant revenue stream to the business. Tripleseat has been a key contributor to helping the events team manage events seamlessly, allowing the bandwidth to increase event volume by nearly 100% through streamlined processes.


Tripleseat as a CRM

Tripleseat’s customer relationship management (CRM) features help Scheerer and Greany easily see past event history for all clients, which is especially helpful when working with as many repeat clients as they do. By looking at the Tripleseat Contacts or Accounts tabs, it is possible to give repeat clients a similar event experience that they previously loved by copying BEOs from past events in minutes.


Communication is key

When it comes to external communication, Scheerer and Greany love using the custom Tripleseat email templates, created specifically for every potential event type that comes their way, to use when answering new leads. Tripleseat discussions are especially helpful to the internal team to have access to in order to see what was said during the planning process leading up to the event.

Tracking sales goals

Tripleseat helps Scheerer and Greany to set, monitor, and reach private event sales goals. Once an event is definite within Tripleseat, it will count towards the goal. Goals are easily visible on the Tripleseat dashboard, providing a quick snapshot of the progress towards the goals with the ability to dive deeper into the extensive Tripleseat reports available for viewing.

  • From where we started – the estimate was around $25k a month in events, and now we do that in one event. We have blown events out of the water, and Tripleseat has been a large part in allowing us to do that

    Brendy Scheerer Director of Events at Greco Entertainment Group

Results using Tripleseat

Response time to new leads under 2-3 hours

Any delay in response to an event inquiry could lead to losing out on the business, so the email template responses within Tripleseat come in handy to send an informative reply in minutes. Scheerer says that prior to using Tripleseat, it would take her 24-48 hours to get back to people by herself, but now, using Tripleseat, Scheerer and Greany can reply to new leads in under 2-3 hours.


Increased event volume by nearly 100%

By implementing a streamlined event management process, Scheerer and Greany are able to handle more events at one time. Tripleseat enables them to host up to 9 events simultaneously, something that would be impossible to manage without Tripleseat. In total, Tripleseat has helped to increase event volume by nearly 100%.

Blowing prior $25k/month event revenue out of the water

Prior to using Tripleseat, the estimated monthly private event revenue for Fia and Fia Steak was around $25K per month, a number that is reached with the revenue from just one or two of the fifty events that Fia and Fia Steak hosts per month today.


Additional Revenue Streams

The sky’s the limit for Greco Entertainment Group as they continue growing their event offerings and venues. They recently opened a Speakeasy below Fia Steak as another elevated space for private events. Additionally, a catering department has been added to the portfolio of offerings, providing yet another revenue stream to the business. Tripleseat will continue to help manage the details for every private event and catering opportunity that comes their way.

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