Tripleseat Case Study: Belles Beach House

Belles Beach House uses Tripleseat to capture event inquiries, convert leads, and execute events in the bustling Los Angeles hospitality market.

Bringing in new leads

Belles Beach House receives social and private event inquiries via the Tripleseat lead form on their website. As the leads populate into Tripleseat, Courtney converts them into events with the click of a button.

Managing event details

As the event planning process begins, Courtney manages client communications, menu selections, BEO creation, and internal communications all within Tripleseat, including her other teammates in the discussion where needed.

Creating beautiful events

Before you know it, Courtney has used Tripleseat to turn that initial lead into a beautiful tiki-themed event, hosted in one of Belles’ three event spaces. Then, the process begins again!

  • “Tripleseat is a great platform to fully encompass everything you need as an events director to execute beautiful events.”

    Courtney Lawrence, Director of Events at Belles Beach House



As an events team of one handling an average of 25- 30 events per month, Courtney uses Tripleseat as the central place for managing intricate event details, internal communication between front-of-house and back-of-house team members, and client communications.


Courtney uses an array of Tripleseat features – the leads tab, the color-coded calendar, customizable BEOs and contracts – to work leads through the event planning process quickly and effectively.

Overall amazing

Most importantly, Tripleseat shows the ROI of private events by providing in-depth reporting on event related data. Courtney can easily relay reporting information to upper management in regards to leads and revenue earned.

Since its opening one and half years ago, Belles Beach House has seen great success and only anticipates that to continue throughout the rest of 2023. Belles Beach House is here to transport you and your guests to wherever feels like a vacation to you.

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