Tripleseat Hotels: StayNTouch Update


We have an exciting update to the Tripleseat/StayNTouch integration to share with you all.

You can now input a variable custom rate when building blocks in Tripleseat and have those dynamic rates send to StayNTouch.

Let us show you around! 

When selecting the Custom Rate option on a room block in Tripleseat:

Users will now have the ability to enter variable rates across the room block dates, opposed to a flat rate:

As a best practice, we recommend inputting a rate for each occupancy that may reserve that room type. These are divided by the slashes you see in the image above, i.e. Single Rate/Double Rate/Triple Rate/Quad Rate. 

Also, be sure to use our new keyboard shortcuts to copy information across the block, you can check out this video to learn more about that!