REX is the trusted booking platform for activities, games, and events.

REX Reservations & Tripleseat

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REX is the trusted booking platform for activities, games, and events. Delight your guests, sell more fun and enjoy real time availability with the 2-way REX & Tripleseat integration.

Sell anything you want and nothing you don’t

REX gives you ultimate flexibility over what and when to sell. Offer online bookings for any type of activity, game or event with complete control of the rules. Limit the number of guests, customize cut off times, deposit amounts and schedules with ease. You can even create “contact only” events that automatically create leads in your Tripleseat account.

Automate small event packages and free up time to focus on larger events

Do you keep sending the same PDF with event packages to inquiring guests? REX will take all of your pre-set event packages and list them on a page that allows guests to book them directly online. The best part is it’s integrated in real time with Tripleseat so you don’t have to worry about overbooking. When you automate your smaller group sales you’ll free time to focus on larger events.

Work directly inside Tripleseat without worrying about inventory

With the REX + Tripleseat integration all your rooms and resources are always synced. This means you can work inside Tripleseat and when you create events or bookings your online availability is automatically adjusted. 

Learn more about the power of the REX & Tripleseat integration and how it can level up your sales.