At Fishbowl, we make accessing your guest data easy and marketing to your guests more impactful.

Fishbowl & Tripleseat

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Fishbowl is a restaurant CRM platform with marketing and analytics products. Fishbowl was founded by restaurant professionals who believed email was a better way to connect with their guests. With the addition of Analytics Software and Promotions (2014); Price and Menu Optimization and Competitive Intelligence (2015); the Engage platform, CRM, Loyalty, and Digital Data Reports (2020); and Delightable Guest Relationship Management (2023); Fishbowl aspires to help restaurants create personalized guest experiences while making data-driven decisions that increase profits. Relied on by more than 48,000 restaurants to engage guests and maximize revenue, Fishbowl is headquartered in Alexandria, VA, with offices in India and an international remote workforce.

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