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Benbria – Loop & Tripleseat

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Loop allows you to collect feedback at any point within the customer journey, engage with them in real-time, and measure their experience by touch point. The platform is omni-channel by design and includes a suite of channels, inbox, reporting, and analytics capabilities.

Loop includes a suite of channels including web, mobile, email, social media and kiosks for collecting feedback and engaging with customers across any touch point and journey – before, during, or after an experience.

Locations within Loop are used for both routing feedback to team members and reporting. This allows you to customize the teams, surveys, escalation procedures, reporting, or automated engagement activities suitable for the unique customer experience at each location.

Loop includes all core CX question types including, NPS for measuring loyalty, CSAT for measuring satisfaction, and CES for measuring effort – as well as more friendly and visual smileys and thumbs. Combinations of different survey question types can be deployed in a single flow, at varying points in the customer journey.

The platform comes with a unified inbox for responding to customers and collaborating with team members in real-time. It is intuitive to use and is also available as an iOS or Android app, allowing team members to respond to customers from their mobile device.

Finally, Loop comes with a suite of dashboards, reporting, and visualization tools to help you learn more about customer preferences, identify operational issues, isolate areas for improving service, and influence employee behaviour in real-time. These insights can be used to improve training, processes, and more to enhance the customer experience.

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