Why use Tripleseat as your Restaurant CRM and Event Management Software


It has been some time since I posted on the blog, but it has been very busy for us. Lame excuse I know, but considering that we added two new sales people, released the new Billing Widget for Smart Docs, added another 30 restaurants and we just crossed the $16 Million mark for leads that have been captured by the Tripleseat SmartLead Booking Engine I hope you can understand. Anyways, the point of this post is to answer questions I get asked often. I feel these questions are the best ones and really relate to our customers business. So, here they are:

1. Do you understand my business?

Yes. Jonathan Morse a 30-year veteran of the Hospitality business founded Tripleseat Software, the leader in online sales and event management for the Hospitality industry. Jonathan started as a busboy in a small independent restaurant and since then has worked at major hotels and restaurant chains such as Starwood Hotels, Marriott International, Bertucci’s and Backbay Restaurant Group in every role imaginable.  Most recently, Jonathan was the Senior Vice President of Sales for a leading Business Intelligence software company that specialized in restaurant performance. At Tripleseat we know that restaurants is a face paced, hectic business. The competition is fierce, the margins low and it is critical to be the best everyday.

2. What’s the most important task on my list?

Every restaurant is different but one thing is the same for everyone, the To-Do list is never done. From checking in the food order to developing the new menu to training the staff, all the while making sure the guests are happy and the seats are full restaurants managers and owners never have a moment to rest. It is important that any technology or tool improves the operation and does not distract from the running the business.

3. Which urgent business problem of mine does your ‘tool’ address?

Tripleseat address’s a number of business problems within the Special Event business.

The first problem Tripleseat solves is Special Event/Private Dining Sales. What restaurant could not use more sales? With Tripleseat’s Smart Lead Booking engine restaurants can capture more leads and respond faster then their competition. By combining SmarLeads with Tripleseat’s SmartBook CRM capabilities you will have a sales and marketing solution that will enable you to centralize and have access to all the vital data so you can perform targeted marketing via e-mail or direct mail, cross sell multiple units, understand who your customers are, how often they book, and improve guest relations to increase repeat bookings.

The second problem Tripleseat solves is the time consuming process of managing every event that is booked. Every guest is unique and there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter event. Your customers expect the best and want all their requests and changes to be handled quickly. The current manual process of paper notebooks and wall calendars or cutting and pasting from e-mail to Word to Excel is time consuming and important details get lost. Tripleseat’s SmartDoc and SmartBook CRM streamlines the planning and managing process and makes the data easily accessible to the operation so no details are lost and changes are made easily. Tripleseat can save you hours a week from the manual process freeing you to focus on sales and running the operation.

4. How does it fit in with my strategic priorities?

Sales, guest satisfaction and profit are the key priorities for any restaurant. Tripleseat enables restaurants to achieve all three for their special event business while not interfering with the operations with lengthy training or installation of complicated software or hardware.

There you have it. These are excellent questions and should be asked by everyone before making a purchase for their business.