Why Did You Develop Tripleseat?


I get asked this question a lot. The short answer is because there is a need for it. Tripleseat was created because I witnessed first hand how restaurants were losing money and long-term customers. It amazes me that restaurants are still using paper and outdated technology to manage their private event business.

When I asked why, the overwhelming answer was that the current software solutions available are either too expensive or not designed for the restaurant business. Time was another factor; it takes to long to learn all the features and functionality of complicated software, especially when most restaurants only need 30% of the functionality.

So, I set out to develop a restaurant private-event software that would address the three challenges of cost, functionality, and ease of use. I am confident that Tripleseat nails all three. Here’s how:

  1. Tripleseat does not require any hardware or software, nor do you have to download or install anything. We are web based, because of this, our costs are lower, and we can offer subscription pricing. With Subscription pricing, restaurants can cancel anytime, therefore there is little risk.
  2. Our functionality is just what you need to be successful. We don’t offer a lot of fluff that you may use once but never again. We believe in the KIS theory of Keep It Simple.
  3. Tripleseat is so simple. No need for 3 weeks in training courses just learn how to turn the software on; no advanced this or that. Tripleseat is designed for restaurant people.

Simply put, I developed Tripleseat because I want restaurants to be successful.