Who Is Supporting You?


Support, it is so important, but often overlooked. At Tripleseat we live, breath and eat support. I would argue that our support is not only the best you will find anywhere but we are innovative on how we provide the support to our users. Because we are a web based software we do not get many hardware/software support calls. What we do get is questioned on how to use the application or to make tweaks to the BEO’s (Banquet Event Orders) or other documents like proposals or contracts. Often when we get a support ticket or call, it is very important to the person making the call that we help them right away and solve the issue immediately. That sense of urgency for a resolution is understandable as Tripleseat is a critical component of their business and it has to be right.

We use every possible communication channel available to us with direct messaging, text,phone and email all available directly from the application itself. There is no looking for the phone number, no trying to find the support page, everything the user needs to ask a question is right there at the user’s fingertips. How good is our support? Well consider this, we respond to tickets in less than 10 minutes (the national average is 48 hours!) and 90% of the tickets are resolved right away. No small feat with over 15,000 users of Tripleseat everyday. At Tripleseat everyone (including Jonathan and Kevin) does support. Everyone. When  a ticket is entered, it goes to the entire Tripleseat staff (over 15 people) and we all are responsible to make sure that the issue is resolved. Quickly.


Tripleseat does not have “tier support”. Our users do not have to pay more to get the support they deserve. All support is included in the subscription price. Need to make a change to your menus? We’ll do that for you. No charge. Need help adding a user? We can help. Want some additional training or have a new user starting? Yup. We can do that. No extra charge.

When considering purchasing a software program or web application, make sure you ask about support, ticket resolution time and the support channel. If they can’t match what we do then you might want to re-consider the purchase. Support counts.