What’s Happening at Tripleseat


As I look out the window of our HQ in Boston and still see 15 feet of snow (not really but feels like it), I realized that it has been some time since I updated everyone on what’s going on at Tripleseat. It’s now March, and since the beginning of the year we have surpassed many of the milestones we set for ourselves.

The first milestone that got crushed was the number of leads that have been captured using SmartLead, Facebook and PrivateDining.in. As of this posting we have delivered over 25,000 leads. Boom! That is close to $50 million in private dining business.  Tripleseat has also helped restaurant event planners manage over 74,000 events, resulting in nearly $150 million in sales! Just blows me away.

Another milestone that was just destroyed was the number of users on Tripleseat. We crossed the 1,000 user mark earlier this year. We have so many awesome restaurants that we decided instead of posting logos on our website to show off, we would create a platform for our customers to help them capture more leads. Thus, PrivateDining.in was born, and if you want to know who uses Tripleseat just take a look at the featured listings in places like Boston, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC and New Orleans.

Additionally, our development team – lead by developer extraordinaire Kevin Zink – kicked out some great new releases of the software. Most notable of which being the Facebook Application, which has taken off like a rocket. Restaurants operators love the fact that now they are able to capture private dining inquiries right from Facebook.

Finally we have added some new staff to Tripleseat. Heading up our new New York City office is Ben Faden. Ben joined us in January and is a foodie to the bone (he got deep with me over how a proper grilled cheese is made). Since starting with us, Ben has jumped into the restaurant scene with both feet, and has recently signed up some great restaurants in New York and New Jersey. If you’re in NYC, stop by our new digs and talk food with Ben.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for some updates to Tripleseat and PrivateDining.in coming up very soon.