What Is In A Name?


I often get asked what Tripleseat means or how did I arrive at the name. The answer is pretty simple. Tripleseat came from the restaurant term “Triple seated”.

Basically when a host/hostess sits three parties in a Servers section at the same time the Server has been “triple seated” This generally happens when a restaurant is very busy and the hostess/host is just trying to turn tables as fast as possible.

Coming up with the name Tripleseat was for the most part easy. What has been very difficult is describing who Tripleseat is.

When asked who we are I have thrown out some pretty vanilla lines like we are catering software company, or private dining web application, or a CRM for the catering business. After reading and listening to Seth Godin I have come to a better answer to the question.

Tripleseat is a small web development company that makes applications for restaurateurs who want to be remarkable.

I like this answer better for a number of reasons. The first reason being it is true. We are small and our goal is to stay that way. Why? Because decision are made faster and we make better products because we are closer to the customer. The second reason I like the answer is because Tripleseat is not for everyone. If a restaurant is looking for a silver bullet to fix their problems then by looking at us to fix it they are looking at the wrong place. A restaurant needs to be remarkable as is explained in by this blog post by Marketing Restaurant Online

Tripleseat,the product, is by far and away the best web sales and lead management application for restaurants. We run our business to be remarkable so it just makes sense that we would have customers that share that same core values.