What Happens When…Awesomeness


Here at Tripleseat we work with Chef’s, Front of the House Managers, Event Sales Manager, and Owners on a daily basis. All our customers are passionate about what they do and how they serve their guests. It is because of that passion we love what we do and serving our customers.

Recently we partnered with a really unique restaurant and concept in New York City called What Happens When. What makes this restaurant interesting is that they have pulled together a truly unique group of people to re-invent the restaurant every 30 days. After 9 months the restaurant is done. To fund this project they have turned to the community for donations.

From their donation page on Kickstarter:

What Happens When is a temporary restaurant installation that transforms every 30 days. It will live for 9 months in a reclaimed space in New York City and will change focus every month in order to explore what it means to feed people within the traditional constructs of dining, as well as creativity.


Welcome to What Happens When!

An inspirational experience created by a group creatives who have worked in and around the restaurant industry for the last 15 years.

We’ve created objects, graphics, menus, music, spaces and websites for chefs, hotels, sandwich shops and even the “occasional” rogue grandmother.

We’ve worked from big to small, from slick to crafty, and throughout it all kept a log of our favorite, wackiest, and most precious creative ideas that never got made. As creatives we love these special ideas. They are unique. They are innovative. They make us see the world in a new way. And we’ve always wanted to help them come to life.

So one day we sat down, over cups of eggnog (yes. eggnog.), and asked each other:

What happens when you actually get to make the restaurant you’ve always wanted to make?

What happens when you do it without the big investors, long leases and fancy furniture?

What happens when you begin from the most fundamental thing that ties us all together: sharing food?

And what happens when you get to do it over and over again? While sharing the process with the very people who come to your table?

That’s how this project was born.

And here’s how it works:


One abandoned restaurant
One Chef
Two Designers
One Composer
One Photographer


Here’s what we’ll make every month:

ONE COLLECTION A MONTH = Menu + Space Design + Soundscape + Photographs

Every month we will work collaboratively around a specific theme (see below) to transform both the space and the menu into a new dining experience. We’re calling each of these themes “Movements”. It’s a new way of interpreting the seasons that goes beyond just the food. Our Movements will touch on all 5 senses and create experiences that not only support but celebrate the menu.

Tripleseat is proud to be one of the sponsor of their efforts and we look forward to their success. If you are in NYC or plan to be in NYC please make sure to stop in What Happens When for dinner. I know you will love it.