Venue Spotlight: MIDA in Newton, Mass.


I have to thank Boston Restaurant Week (also known as Dine Out Boston) this past spring for my newfound obsession with MIDA. With one location in Boston and one in Newton, it is a little bit too accessible to me. 

When I tried the Boston location recently, I absolutely fell in love! The food was outstanding, my drink was delicious, the service was great, and I loved the cozy location. The restaurant week deal was just an added bonus at that point!

Then I heard about the Newton location opening up this summer and it was too good to be true! I stopped by the Newton location a few weeks after opening and it did not disappoint. 

MIDA’s arancini: warm, crispy, cheesy, and delicious

The food

My group ordered a full spread — including an appetizer, pasta, pizza, lasagna, and drinks — it was a regular Italian feast. 

The Aperol spritzes were everything you could ask for in a pre-meal beverage. The sweet bubbles of prosecco paired perfectly with the bitter citrus flavor of the Aperol. A lovely orange rind was twisted in the glass as well, to add a sophisticated flair.

We sat right near the kitchen and caught whiffs of pizza dough the entire time; it was a dream come true. Smelling the aromas of an Italian kitchen while sipping on a tart Aperol Spritz is how I would love to spend all of my evenings. 

As an appetizer, we ordered the arancini. It was warm, crispy, cheesy, and delicious. Who can say no to fried balls of cheesy rice?

After the arancini arrived at the table, my group went big by ordering the gnocchi cacio e pepe, the short rib lasagna, and the artichoke pizza. 

The gnocchi were little ricotta clouds and they were perfectly seasoned with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. I finished every last bite. I love the idea of gnocchi, a classic Italian staple, combined with cacio e pepe, which seemed to be all over Tik Tok during the pandemic. MIDA did a great job making a “trendy” yet classic gnocchi to entice Gen Z’ers.

The short rib lasagna had so many layers and a tomato sauce that was just amazing. I could have almost had just the sweet, yet savory tomato sauce and some bread for my entire meal. Just as we finished oohing and aahing over our pasta dishes, the pizza came to the table. 

This artichoke pizza was baked to perfection. The crust was somehow just crispy enough but also soft all at the same time. There was no tomato sauce on the pie, but it was brushed with olive oil, garlic, and a delicious pop of spices. The toppings were so unique — it was an amazing blend of artichoke, mushroom, and house-made porchetta with, of course, mozzarella. I am a sucker for a thin crust pizza and, knowing now that they offer take-out, I will be going there way too often.

The short rib lasagna and gnocchi cacio e pepe at MIDA

None of the meals had crazy detailed plating, because the rustic Italian food needed no extra frilly details. MIDA’s simplistic approach to plating kept the food authentic and did not take away from the flavors at all. When the pizza arrived at the table, it was placed on a large can of tomatoes, which I thought was very easy and clever. It was a subtle reminder of their interesting spins on Italian classics. The simple white dishes kept the food as the star of the plate — no extra details to distract from how fantastic the meals look on their own.

Some things I want to try next time I go are the crispy polenta and focaccia on MIDA’s sides menu, the eggplant parmesan, and the Alba Siesta cocktail.

The atmosphere

Inside the restaurant, the color scheme is nice, simple, and calming. Neutral tones keep the decor tasteful and trendy. Floor-to-ceiling windows always enhance the atmosphere (in my opinion) and MIDA had plenty of them. 

The servers and staff were all very attentive and kind — kudos to the opening staff! I’m sure feeding all the foodies in Newton has not been easy in their opening weeks, but I felt very well taken care of during my visit.

Want to hold events with MIDA?

No matter where your event is — at the restaurant itself, at home, or the venue of your choice — you can hold it with MIDA. They offer in-house events as well as catering off-site and meal kits (order one meal or sign up for a subscription) that you can cook at home. Send an event inquiry through their lead form and check out their catering and meal kit menu online