Upgrading Your Legacy Sales and Catering System is Easy

hotels should upgrade their legacy sales and catering system

Is your hotel still relying on an outdated legacy system for sales and catering management? While these older or discontinued systems may have been adequate in the past, they can slow down your operations and make your services less efficient today. But don’t worry—upgrading doesn’t have to be a complex, time-consuming ordeal. Tripleseat Hotels offers an intuitive, modern solution that allows you to transition swiftly and effortlessly. Here’s why upgrading to Tripleseat Hotels will be such a seamless process.

Minimal Downtime, Maximum Efficiency

One of the biggest concerns about changing systems is the time it will take to transition. However, Tripleseat Hotels has been designed for quick and easy set-up. You can be up and running within just a few hours, in contrast to the weeks or even months it might take when wrestling with an outdated legacy sales and catering system. This efficiency means you won’t lose precious operational time that could otherwise be costing you sales.

No Lost Revenue or Sales

A big fear when changing systems is the loss of revenue due to downtime. But with Tripleseat Hotels, this concern is a thing of the past. Our system ensures an easy transition so that you don’t have to worry about lost time, sales, or revenue. And, once you make the switch, you’ll never look back.

Self-Paced Learning with Tripleseat University

You don’t have to be a tech wizard to master Tripleseat Hotels. Our training platform, Tripleseat University, enables you to learn the system at your own pace. Offering a variety of content that you can refer back to whenever needed, the platform ensures you never feel stuck or overwhelmed.

Intuitive for New Users

When introducing new users to a system, the learning curve can often be steep—especially with older, more complicated platforms. However, Tripleseat Hotels is built to be intuitive and similar to other web-based systems that most people are already familiar with. This means that training new users becomes a quick, stress-free process.

Expert Onboarding Team for Smooth Transition

Our onboarding team are experts in Tripleseat Hotels and will guide you through every step of the transition process. They know the system inside and out, so you can be confident that you’ll be set up for success in no time. This personalized onboarding experience ensures you make the most out of your new system from day one.

Unmatched Customer Support

While Tripleseat Hotels is designed for ease-of-use, we understand that questions or challenges can arise. That’s why our support team is second to none. Available and willing to assist you whenever you encounter a hiccup, our skilled team ensures that any potential roadblock is quickly resolved, allowing you to focus on what you do best—running your hotel.

Ready to Learn More about Tripleseat Hotels?

Upgrading to a modern sales and catering software like Tripleseat Hotels doesn’t have to be a complex or daunting task. With minimal downtime, exceptional customer support, self-paced training, easy onboarding, and no loss of revenue, you have everything to gain by making the switch. Don’t let outdated technology hold your hotel back—upgrade to Tripleseat Hotels and set your business up for modern-day success. Request a demo today!