Two Chicks, Three Seats Roundup: 7 Episodes to Help Your Restaurant or Venue Through the Pandemic


We started Tripleseat’s podcast, Two Chicks, Three Seats right before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in March, changing basically everything about the hospitality and events industry, as well as upcoming topics for our podcast.

As restaurants, hotels, and venues adapted to the changes of the pandemic, so did the podcast content that we brought to our listeners. We spent a lot of time talking about COVID trends, tips for adjusting your space, what to expect when reopening, and interviews with incredible event professionals sharing their experiences during the pandemic.

Hopefully, you learned from these past episodes, but in case you missed some, here are seven of the most popular COVID-related episodes that our listeners enjoyed.

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1. Lessons Learned from COVID-19 in the Hospitality Industry with Nashville Restaurant Senior Sales Managers, Holly Carpenter & Whitney Eccher

In this episode, we sat down virtually with Holly Carpenter of A Marshall Hospitality and Whitney Eccher of 4 Top Hospitality to discuss takeout initiatives, the reopening process, booking and conducting COVID-19 events, lessons learned, and anticipating what’s to come for their restaurants in the greater Nashville area.

2. Tips for Adjusting Your Restaurant’s Space with Design Expert Katie Perkins

We were joined by Katie Perkins, owner of Kaper Design, for this episode to discuss adjusting restaurant spaces during COVID-19 times. Kaper Design helps restaurants create functional, unique, and curated restaurant and cafe spaces, so Perkins had been busy helping clients adjust their spaces throughout the pandemic.

Perkins shared the design process she goes through when working with new clients, easy tips to consider when adjusting a restaurant, and insight on other ways restaurants can bring the hospitality experience to the COVID-19 environment.

3. Instagram and Facebook 101 for Restaurants and Event Venues

This episode focuses on specific features of both Instagram and Facebook and shares tips for how event professionals can use them to market their restaurant or venues efficiently. Since this episode aired, even more Instagram features have been created, which we discuss in our most recent episode about February marketing trends.

4. Step-by-Step Tips to Building a Catering Program

We dove into some step-by-step actionable tips that hospitality professionals can take to incorporate a catering program into their offerings for this episode.

In a time where large in-person events are not happening, groups are looking to restaurants and venues to accommodate their gathering’s needs in the form of off-site catering. While building a catering program from scratch can seem daunting, this episode provides insight about where to begin the process and explains the importance of creating this off-premise revenue stream.

5. How Michelin Star Restaurants Have Moved to Takeout

We indulged a little bit for this episode of Two Chicks, Three Seats, and talked about a topic that we find interesting as lovers of the hospitality industry: Michelin Star restaurants. During the pandemic, many Michelin Star restaurants have had to do the unthinkable for their businesses and move to takeout operations. While this may be out of the normal range of business for these restaurants, it also allowed for the Michelin experience to be more affordable for the average person.

6. Hotel Trends in a COVID-19 World

We turned to hotel topics for this episode, specifically the latest trends that we had been seeing and reading about in relation to how hotels are responding to and driving business during COVID-19. Whether you work at a hotel, have stayed in a hotel during the pandemic, or are simply interested in the hospitality industry, these are topics that you are sure to enjoy learning more about.

7. Creating a Pandemic Proof System with Boka Restaurant Group’s Director of Restaurant Event Sales, Arianna Favia

Arianna Favia, Director of Restaurant Event Sales at Boka Restaurant Group in Chicago, was our guest for this episode. Favia and her team at BRG have done a wonderful job pivoting throughout the pandemic, especially when it comes to starting a takeout program from scratch, working with local partners, and creating extremely unique virtual experiences. Arianna shared her experiences, wisdom, and tips on the episode, which are certain to assist and inspire other event professionals listening!

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