Two Chicks, Three Seats Episode 82: The Power of Competitive Socialising in the UK


A Conversation with Laurence Stevenson, Head of Sales at Sixes Social Cricket

Hospitality customers want more than just the standard dining experience when booking events for certain occasions. They want amazing food, innovative drinks, energizing activities, and incredible hospitality. And they want it all under one roof. This need can be fulfilled through competitive socialising, a business model that has shot to success in the UK market especially. Competitive socialising, often known as “eatertainment” in the States, is essentially an activity-based venue that also offers spectacular food and drink, providing a fun and well-rounded hospitality experience.

On the latest episode of Tripleseat’s podcast Two Chicks, Three Seats, we sat down with Laurence Stevenson, Head of Sales at Sixes Social Cricket to discuss all things competitive socialising. Sixes offers a reimagined way of enjoying the game of cricket in a fun environment alongside top-notch hospitality. Sixes currently has eight locations in the UK, one location in Dallas, and future plans to continue expanding into new markets. Sixes can accommodate guests coming in to celebrate corporate team gatherings, birthday parties, bachelor parties, date nights, and everything in between.

Throughout the episode, we talked with Laurence about what makes competitive socialising so popular, what social and corporate groups are looking for in a competitive socialising experience, what Sixes offers in their experiences, the inclusivity behind competitive socialising, the differences in consumer demands in the UK vs. UK markets, and so much more. If you have a Sixes near you, be sure to stop by for an experience your group will always remember!

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