Two Chicks, Three Seats Episode 73: What Vendors Should Event Planners Be Partnering with for Events?


When an event planner is looking for a specialized company to offer an experience that the planner’s venue does not offer in-house, the planner often looks to a local vendor to get the job done. Planners build relationships with vendors that can offer everything from catering to balloon decorations, interactive experiences, and beyond. If you are in the New York and New Jersey areas, we have some new vendors that may be interesting for you to work with in the future.

On Episode 73 of Tripleseat’s podcast, Two Chicks, Three Seats, my co-host Kate Kennedy and I talk about a variety of New York and New Jersey-based vendors that can elevate your event experience in new ways. Most of these vendors can work with venues to bring in added experiences to their current on-site venue packages and with corporate planners to bring experiences to an office or offsite location.

We talk about drink vendors like The Latte Royal, which provides a photo-worthy coffee cart full of delicious drink offerings, and ReserveBar, a luxury spirits company that offers custom bottle engraving for corporate events. When it comes to fun experiences, NPA Parties is a vendor that will build cotton candy creations in the shape of your favorite animal. Artemix will create custom graffiti art on merchandise, body paint, and temporary tattoos at your event. Don’t forget dessert! Andie’s Eats will bring the cake jars to your event served through a hot pink food truck. There are plenty of more ideas where these came from, and you can hear them all in the episode.

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