Two Chicks, Three Seats Episode 58: Using a 3D Design Platform to Plan Events with Randi Bushell, Founder of Merri


When it comes to throwing the perfect event, there are many steps that get you from the drawing board to the finished event. During the planning process, decisions have to be made about furniture placement, decor, table selection, seating charts, and much more.

This can sometimes be challenging to visualize in a space that you have never been to before or when working with a client who may not be able to easily visualize their ideas. That is why Merri, a 3D design and planning platform, is a popular choice when selecting tools to use during the event design and planning process.

In today’s episode of Tripleseat’s podcast Two Chicks, Three Seats, my co-host Kate Kennedy and I sit down with Randi Bushell, Founder and CEO of Merri, to discuss one of Tripleseat’s newest integration partners. Merri is a 3D design and planning platform for the hospitality industry that helps clients visualize their event space during their planning process, from selecting furniture, table settings, decor, and more. Merri integrates with Tripleseat, so customers can enjoy the benefit of both platforms during the planning process. Bushell explains all of this, and more, including event design trends, decor trends, and the future of Merri.

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