Two Chicks, Three Seats Episode 35: Data-Driven Valentine’s Day Insights for the Hospitality Industry


Today marks two weeks until the start of Valentine’s Day weekend, which is one of the busiest restaurant holidays of the year. If you listened to last week’s episode of Tripleseat’s podcast, Two Chicks, Three Seats, you heard all about how to prepare your restaurant, hotel, or venue for the holiday with creative packages. We are back this week with another Valentine’s Day episode, but with a more data-driven approach about past trends and patterns on the holiday.

In today’s episode, Kate and I are joined by Amber Van Moessner, the Senior Director of Communications at Upserve by Lightspeed, to discuss a recent report Upserve published predicting Valentine’s Day trends in the hospitality industry. The data looks at past Valentine’s Day patterns with ticket sales, most ordered items, and tips for marketing and creating the best Valentine’s Day packages. Consider these numbers when finalizing and promoting your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue’s Valentine’s Day offerings this year!

The full report can be found on Upserve’s website.

Take a listen to Episode 35: Data-Driven Valentine’s Day Insights for the Hospitality Industry, with Upserve by Lightspeed anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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