Two Chicks, Three Seats Episode 31: 2020 State of the Restaurant Industry and Looking Ahead to 2021


The year 2020 has brought new trends and patterns to the hospitality industry that restaurants and venues would have never thought about in past years. James Beard level restaurants offering family-style takeout? Makeshift movie theaters in restaurant parking lots? Endless virtual experiences?

2020 has been full of changes and surprises, but it is now interesting to reflect on the trends that did play out during the year and use that information to look to 2021.

On the final episode for 2020 of Tripleseat’s podcast Two Chicks, Three Seats, Kate and I are joined by Amber van Moessner, Senior Director of Communications at Upserve by Lightspeed.

Upserve, a restaurant management software company, recently released its incredible annual report, 2020 State of the Restaurant Industry, which analyzes menu trends, sales trends, restaurant growth, and success stories during the pandemic, and 2021 trends. Amber discusses the report on this episode, which provides important insight for restaurants to understand as they continue to plan their pandemic strategies into the new year.

The entire report can be downloaded from Upserve’s website.

About Amber:
Amber van Moessner is the Senior Director of Communications at Upserve by Lightspeed where she oversees customer marketing, brand, PR, and strategies for content, email, and social media. She has over a decade of experience as a professional media and communications strategist, producer, and writer, and was previously the director of enterprise content at Vimeo.

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