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Two Chicks, Three Seats Episode 25: What News is Trending Across the Hospitality Industry Right Now?


Oct 16, 2020

Rachel Calkins

Oct 16, 2020

Tripleseat's Two Chicks, Three Seats Podcast


While COVID-19 has been the largest topic we have discussed to date on Tripleseat’s podcast, Two Chicks, Three Seats, there have been other interesting hospitality stories making headlines these days as well.

On this week’s episode, Kate and I take a step back from the COVID-19 specific discussions and dive into other current hospitality industry trends and noteworthy news bits that you will definitely find interesting. A few topics of discussion include an airline turning its planes into a pop-up restaurant, a new egg replacement product that has hit the U.S. market, and how a hotel revamped to create a female empowerment theme.

It’s important to keep up with the latest industry conversations, but sometimes it can be challenging on top of all the other responsibilities event professionals have going on right now. We have saved you the time it takes to read through the popular hospitality blogs, and have brought the stories to you in this episode!

Check out Episode 25: What News is Trending Across the Hospitality Industry Right Now? anywhere that you listen to podcasts!

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We’ve got links to the eight articles we discuss in this week’s episode on Let us know what you think about these trends and stories by reaching out to us via email at As always, stay tuned with the latest industry content and ideas by following along with the daily posts on the Tripleseat blog.