Tripleseat Support Is The Best


Everyone at Tripleseat takes the support of our customers very very very seriously. End of story. Period.

According to Zendesk, one of the largest online customer support platform, Tripleseat’s first reply time to support tickets is 15 hours(!) shorter than our industry average. This is better than 95% of all of the Zendesk customers.  Our first response time is less than 30 minutes. What that means is that from the time you enter a ticket to the time we respond to the ticket is less than 30 minutes! That is pretty remarkable when you realize that we have over 30,000 people using Tripleseat everyday.

Another fact that we are very proud about is our Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is a measurement in time with our customers and their willingness to recommend Tripleseat to a friend or colleague. Our score is at the same level as companies like Apple and Amazon.

We use every method known to man to make communicating with us easy and fast. Within Tripleseat we have live chat, online ticketing and of course the phone. In addition, we have a help center if you want to find the answers on your own and if that is not enough, we have videos built into the application itself right there where you would need them if you may get stuck.



If talking to support is not for you, we also have a dedicated Account Manager for every customer. Our Account Managers have the tools to know where you may be struggling or not using the software for everything its worth. We take a proactive approach and will call you to see how we can help. How many companies do you know that will call you and offer assistance? My guess is zero.nada.none.

But wait there is more. We also have an online community we call Tripleseat Party People (TPP for short). The community is made up over a thousand Event Managers across the country who chat about everything Tripleseat or best practices or what is happening in the industry. Every month we go to a different city and have a TPP cocktail hour where the drinks are on us and we meet you, our customers, and just chat about anything you want.


When we receive customer notes like the ones below I know we are simply the best at providing support.

“I have had the best time using this program! I had used other event software in the past and nothing compares to the functionality and user friendly interface that Tripleseat has. The customer support is also phenomenal. I am constantly asking questions that they respond to quickly and walk me through the answers. I would suggest using this to anyone looking for this type of event planning platform.”

“I love Tripleseat because of how easy it is to work with and staff has always been very accommodating to all of our requests”

“I find the software very easy to use and the team is very responsive to my questions.

I will put our support team up against anyone. We would win that contest 100 out of 100 times.