Tripleseat Partners with Four Companies to Expand Upon Hotel Features Offerings


Tripleseat, the leading web-based sales and event management platform, released today the partners for its hotel event management feature that have signed on since its launch last year, which were specifically designed for hotels to streamline the booking process and increase sales and rescue event and sales managers from software that was developed over two decades ago. Partners include JANUS Displays, Four Winds Interactive. StayNTouch and Benbria – Loop. 

Digital signage has become a must-have amenity for event venues to strengthen communication and engagement with guests and visitors. Recently, Tripleseat integrated with JANUS Displays to assist hotel and restaurant managers using the platform in their customer experience and event planning initiatives. The JANUS Displays product line offers animated and interactive displays of event listings, wayfinding tools, local maps, weather information, dining reservations, flight status/check-in information, menu boards, advertising, directories, emergency messaging and more. In addition, Tripleseat integrates with another digital signage platform, Four Winds Interactive, an ideal solution for full-service hotels, providing applications for menu boards, virtual concierge screens, meeting room signs, readerboards, and more, as well as an intuitive, mobile-friendly management solution designed to help hotels win more event business.

In August, Tripleseat partnered with Benbria, the leading provider of omni-channel guest experience measurement and engagement solutions. The partnership will provide an integrated guest experience management solution for Tripleseat clients and market an event management solution to Benbria’s clients, further increasing their profile. With Loop, Tripleseat customers can collect feedback from a range of channels at any touchpoint within the customer journey, engage in real-time, and measure their experience including loyalty, satisfaction and effort by touchpoint.

The company’s integration with StayNTouch, an innovative Mobile PMS and guest self-service technology provider, enables sales and event planners to manage guest room blocks and events, giving full visibility into the value of the booking. The product was created for on-the-go property managers who need a mobile-first property management systems (PMS) system that allows hoteliers and managers to connect with their staff from anywhere.

“This year has been an exciting one for Tripleseat. Our company’s exponential growth was a result of our commitment to innovation and providing excellent customer experiences, as well as partnering with great companies on like-minded missions to make the lives of those in the hotel industry easier while increasing their sales,” said Jonathan Morse, CEO and Founder. “We understand the pain points of executing private events, and by partnering with JANUS Displays, Four Winds Interactive and StayNTouch, we are able to provide customers with all the tools they and their guests need to execute a perfect event without error.”