Tripleseat Hotels Feature Release: Room Block Invoicing Tool


The Tripleseat team has been working hard to enhance the Tripleseat for Hotels product, and we’re excited to announce the release of the new Room Block Invoicing Tool. 

What is it? 

The Room Block Invoicing Tool was developed to give our hotels’ clients an easy and all-encompassing group booking experience. This new feature will include estimated guest room revenue as part of a contracted deposit schedule and provide hotels’ clients with one complete final invoice for easy payment. Now clients will have financial visibility of their charges and the option to pay online at their convenience at any time of day or night.

This new tool will include guest room block estimated charges in proposals and contracts, alongside food, beverage, and other event details. Not only that, the calculator will factor in all corresponding taxes, fees, and other items so you can present a clear estimate to your team and sign off on contracts detailing these charges. Additionally, hotels can set up percentage-based deposit schedules pulling from these estimated totals and collect all payments online via the customized group portal.

How to set it up in settings

Customer admins will head to Settings > Documents > Template name and scroll down to the Billing Widget. Select “Add a field” dropdown > Room Block Charges. The field can be restricted to the desired guest room type: Agreed, Blocked, Forecast, or Pickup. Next, check off any relevant fees that should be applied, indicate whether this should be included or excluded from totals, and save the template. Once this field is enabled, it will auto-populate all templates moving forward.

How to set it up on the front end 

In order to use this field, you will navigate to any booking page and head to the Master Docs tab. Start by creating a new template or editing an existing template. From the Booking tab, head to the Billing Widget > “Add a field” dropdown > Room Block Charges, and follow the same setup steps above. The Room Block Charges can be entered from there and will show on corresponding documents.

Here’s a look at how the Room Block Charges will appear to the client:

Video overview

Important to note: 

  • The Room Block Charges field from the Billing Widget counts towards the Booking Grand Total and not towards actual charges. The field will not count towards Grand Total if “Exclude from Totals” is checked off.
  • Any booking totals reporting will reflect this.

We’re always looking for ways to enhance and improve our product for our customers and hope these changes will make things easier and more efficient for your team. If you have any questions about using this new feature, please contact

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