Introducing the Tripleseat Event Planner Portal



I am excited to announce our latest update the Tripleseat Event Planner Portal. This is more of a re-do than a new feature. Tripleseat has always had a guest facing web product commonly called the “Guest webpage” What we did is to revamp this page to be much, much more useful for both the Event Planner and the Event Manager.


With the Event Planner Portal venue’s guest will be able to securely, quickly and easily access the Venue’s Contracts, Banquet Event Orders or any other docs they may want to access. Guest will also be able to make payments for deposits or the event itself via the Payment tab. Other highlights include:

  1. Share and view and Tripleseat Documents like Contracts and BEO’s
  2. Make Payments and put Credit Cards “On Hold” securely online
  3. Have conversations without having to use your email via Discussions. All communication with the guest is automatically sent to you via email and made part of the Booking and Event
  4. Event Planner can create tasks for themselves or the venue Event Manager can create tasks for the guest
  5. Track all recent activity with the Event


How many times have you sent an email or called your guest asking for the final guest count or where the deposit is? Now with the Event Planner Portal you can assign a task to your guest via the Event Page in Tripleseat. 


The task you assign will be delivered automatically via email to your guest. Your guest will see the task assigned to them in the Event Planner Portal. Assign a due date and as many tasks as you like.  Your guest can use the Task tab also to keep themselves organized and on point. This auto task assignment is a total game changer and will make communicating with your guest seamless and easy.

Do you want to take a peek at your guests Event Planner Portal? We made that super simple to do. On your Tripleseat Event page, simply click the “Event Planner Portal” button on the right hand side.


The Tripleseat Planner Portal is already rolled out and ready to use. I know you will love this new feature give us your feedback on what you think.