Tripleseat Customer Spotlight – The Cosmopolitan



Since its opening in 2010, The Cosmopolitan has set the new standard for cool on the Las Vegas Strip. They house some of the best restaurants and nightlife and have recently adopted Tripleseat to manage the multitudes of events that they host. Julia Brooker, a member of the Events Department, answered some questions about life before and after Tripleseat.

What was life like BEFORE Tripleseat? The dark ages! Delphi, everything was manual, cramped fingers from so many clicks and typing.

How has Tripleseat made your job better, be specific? It has made the job seamless. Our BEOs look cleaner and are more standardized. The communication is more open between sales managers.

Has Tripleseat helped you increase your sales? By how much (% wise) We have just launched Tripleseat a couple of weeks ago. But if you figure, it would take us about 30-40 mins to craft a BEO, where now it takes maybe 10 minutes. That’s a 20 minute saving on ONE BEO. We do about 300 events a month, that’s 6,000 minutes!! That’s more time to upsell, capture more clients, fine-tune details, and create repeat guests. We will have a higher capture rate/ inquires now too with all of our restaurants and hostesses on board, looking for at least a 25 percent increase in the near future.

What would you do if Tripleseat was taken away from you? Cry. Alone. In the corner of a dark room.

How many events do you do in a month? 300-400

How long did it take you to do a BEO BEFORE Tripleseat? and with Tripleseat how long? From 30 minutes to 10 minutes

What do you do with the time you save by using Tripleseat? Break time! And book more parties 🙂

Any other thoughts about Tripleseat? You’re my hero.