Tripleseat Customer Spotlight – Monday Night Brewing



 Monday Night Brewing is an Atlanta-based Craft Brewery. This awesome space is great to go watch a game and hang out with friends or host an event which they do a LOT of! In order to get their events in smooth working order they brought in Tripleseat. Carlen Funk, Tasting Room Gal and Amateur Pirate, is a Tripleseat super user and answered some questions about using it.

What was life like BEFORE Tripleseat?A mess. Everything was on paper, scanned into the computer as PDFs, and taking credit cards wasn’t remotely secure.

How has Tripleseat made your job better, be specific? Seeing everything in one place has helped me get more organized, and the tasks allow me to keep track of the things I need to be doing.

Has Tripleseat helped you increase your sales? By how much (% wise) I’m not sure of an exact number, but I would guess we’ve seen about a 10% increase because of the increased productivity it has allowed me.

What would you do if Tripleseat was taken away from you? Cry. A lot.

How many events do you do in a month? 10 to 20.

How long did it take you to do a BEO BEFORE Tripleseat? and with Tripleseat how long? 20 minutes before, less than 5 now.

What do you do with the time you save by using Tripleseat? Seek out more sales leads.

Any other thoughts about Tripleseat? I love this software. We tried another one called Gather before coming across Tripleseat. It didn’t even compare. I can’t imagine doing this job without the amazing asset that Tripleseat is.