Bring on the Event Business: How Redbird and Vibiana Use Tripleseat as a Complete Event Management Solution


When you want to host an event at a venue like no other, look to Redbird and Vibiana to take your event dreams and bring them to life in the form of an elegant and memorable experience. Since 2019, Redbird and Vibiana have used Tripleseat as a complete event management platform, taking new leads and turning them into events that guests will remember forever. The events team relies on a variety of Tripleseat features to streamline event operations, manage essential event details, and handle more event business at one time.

About Redbird and Vibiana

If you are involved in the bustling Los Angeles hospitality scene, you will know owner-operators Chef Neal Fraser and Amy Knoll Fraser’s two concepts: Redbird and Vibiana. Located in East Los Angeles, Redbird is the duo’s flagship restaurant serving modern American cuisine in a stylish setting. Redbird is complete with a full dining room, lounge, and four floors of private spaces offering indoor and outdoor access and fit for small and large gatherings. Each private space offers its own opportunity for creativity with events, such as cooking classes in the open-air kitchen of the East Room or patio parties under the olive trees in The Garden. The colorful and innovative venue is known for hosting dinner parties, birthday celebrations, rehearsal dinners, bridal brunches, production shoots, corporate gatherings, and more.

Adjacent and connected to Redbird is Vibiana, a one-of-a-kind cathedral-turned-wedding, performing arts, and event venue. Built in 1876, the historic Cathedral, formally known as the Cathedral of St. Vibiana, was a landmark in the Los Angeles community, and its beauty is now experienced in the events hosted at Vibiana. Vibiana is an excellent space for large-scale events like weddings, concerts, fundraisers, business functions, and cocktail receptions with its ability to host up to 550 seated or 800 standing guests.

When it comes to events, Redbird typically hosts 45 to 60 events per month, while Vibiana typically hosts 3 to 5 events per month in the Winter/Summer and 6 to 13 events in the Spring/Fall. Whether you book a cocktail party in the Cardinal’s Quarters room of Redbird or bring your wedding to life in the blank canvas space of Vibiana, you will enjoy the special experience of a memorable event. The incredible team of culinary, beverage, and event professionals is committed to excellence in everything they do at Redbird and Vibiana.

We spoke with Johanna Blyth, Director of Event Sales & Operations at Redbird and Vibiana, about the private events program at the venues and how Tripleseat helps the team throughout the event management process.

How Tripleseat helps

The team at Redbird and Vibiana uses Tripleseat’s suite of features for managing every area of their event business. Starting with new business, the Tripleseat leads feature is useful for managing incoming inquiries and starting the process of converting those inquiries into booked business. The leads feature is an easy way for anyone on the events team to find leads in progress and follow up on any conversations.

Vivianna and Redbird
Johanna Blyth, Director of Event Sales & Operations

Once a lead comes into Tripleseat and the conversation begins, the team at Redbird and Vibiana uses the discussions feature within Tripleseat to keep all client and internal conversations in one place. The fact that the correspondences can stay in a centralized location avoids needing to chase down past email strings from outside sources, something that is especially helpful when working on many events simultaneously.

As events make their way through the planning process, contracts, menus, and BEOs are all created and stored within Tripleseat. Documents in Tripleseat, like signed contracts, event orders, and proposals, are always time-stamped, so Blyth and her team can see the progress of documentation through the planning process and know how recently items have been updated or finalized.

Redbird and Vibiana have many private spaces, giving the potential for events to occur simultaneously, so organization is crucial. Blyth describes how Tripleseat helps her team stay organized so as to not double book any of their spaces. Tripleseat’s color-coded calendar is an easy way for any team member to get a glimpse at what is coming up in the month and beyond. As the team prepares for go-time with their events, Tripleseat helps ensure both the front-of-house and back-of-house teams know exactly what is needed from them due to the ease of accessibility to Tripleseat for all those involved. On the topic of teamwork, Tripleseat allows unlimited users to work within the platform at once, a feature Blyth notes was not possible in prior systems. Multiple team members can be working within Tripleseat without the fear of any technical crashes.

When it comes to event payment, Redbird and Vibiana are up to date with modern payment processing by accepting online payments through Tripleseat’s payment partner, Stripe. Blyth describes online payments as an incredibly time-saving option for clients. Deposits and full event payments can be processed electronically, a much more efficient method than old-school paper checks and written forms.

Finally, Tripleseat’s reporting features help Redbird and Vibiana to oversee all of their event finances. Owners and other stakeholders can easily access reports to track sales goals across the business’ private events program. The transparency that Tripleseat provides also helps to hold the team accountable for timeliness with client interactions. The accounting team also benefits from Tripleseat’s reporting by using financial information for monitoring the event business’ performance. Tripleseat reports are an efficient way to prove all of the hard work being done by the event operations team. 

Results with Tripleseat

Tripleseat helps the Redbird and Vibiana event team to stay organized, efficient, and communicative throughout the entire event management process. By tapping into technology, Redbird and Vibiana can handle a larger volume of events at once, minimize the risk of mistakes during the planning process, and create a seamless guest experience.

Future Plans

The future is bright for Redbird and Vibiana, with plans for continued growth for private events at both venues. The opportunity for creativity with events at Redbird and Vibiana is truly endless and Tripleseat will continue to be the solution to help efficiently manage each of these event experiences. If you are in the Los Angeles market, be sure to check out Redbird and Vibiana for your next private event!

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