Trend Alert: Vegetable Cocktails



The Oaxaqueño, with mezcal, corn juice, cinnamon-infused agave, and habanero bitters, at Greenwich Project in NYC. 

Wait… vegetables? In cocktails? Well, it doesn’t actually mean that drinking is good for you, but we’ve seen more and more spots across the country working beets, celery, and even curious veggies like eggplant into their mixology programs. Here are three places to try them.

The “roasted celery gimlet” at this New York bar makes use of mezcal infused with celery, plus green chartreuse, Maraschino, agave, and lime.

The “Cucumber Spritzer” at this underground Manhattan bar and restaurant features cucumber as a refreshing base, with lemon, lime, ginger beer, and tequila.

La Mar
The “Vamos Pa’ Chicha” at La Mar, an offshoot of the international group Peruvian ceviche restaurants, uses chicha morada–a purple corn drink–along with pisco, orange-passionfruit reduction, and lemon.