Top Trends Your Venue Should Know About for the Holiday Event Season

The holiday event season has begun, and chances are you’ve spoken to at least a couple of clients about booking your venue for their holiday celebrations.

One of the questions you’re most likely getting from potential clients is “What holiday trends should we have at my event?” You may also ask yourself, “What makes my venue’s holiday events stand out?”

We’ve been watching out for what’s been trending for events and holidays. Try these 4 categories of ideas to expand your holiday party offerings.

1. Experiences

Experiential events are what most planners are looking for whether for social or corporate. Think about gamification at corporate events, encouraging teamwork. This also works in social holiday parties with interactive games. Think about the experiences your venue can offer for holiday parties. Check out these examples of holiday experiences.

Hands-On Activity: Gingerbread House Contest

Cocktails, candy, and icing? Everyone’s a winner here. Create some friendly competition among your guests and find out who is the most skilled at candy construction. Try a solo competition or get more social with a team-based gingerbread house competition.

Beer, Wine, Spirits, or Cocktail Tastings

As we found out during this year’s EventCamp, cocktail tastings are a big hit at events. Book a professional mixologist to lead the tastings and educate guests on the history and the craft that goes into their favorite drinks. Alternatively, whiskey and bourbon tastings are also on trend.

Holiday Trivia Night

Trivia nights are a popular activity at local bars and pubs. Quiz guests on everything from Christmas movies to classic carol lyrics, holiday history and traditions.

2. Themes

Are your clients interested in trying something new this year? Holiday party themes can be timeless traditions, a bit more whimsical, or something elegant.

Ugly Sweater Party – Now a Classic

It doesn’t get any cozier than warm sweaters and this now-classic theme still is so much fun. You can add an activity of decorate ugly cookies to go with your theme.

Elf on the Shelf – Whimsical

Infuse some creativity and whimsy. Create some “Extravaganza-lorious” ambiance for your holiday parties. Hide some elves throughout your event space and create tasty treats and even some mischievously crafted cocktails.

Black and Gold Gala – Elegant

To create a memorable holiday celebration, consider organizing a chic and elegant Black and Gold Gala. Adorn your event space with opulent black and gold decorations, including sophisticated tablecloths, shimmering balloons, and stylish centerpieces.

Encourage guests to dress in their finest black and gold outfits. Enhance the festive mood with either live music or a handpicked playlist of classic hits. A Black and Gold Gala provides a refined and luxurious environment for guests to enjoy fine dining, indulge in delightful beverages, and dance into the night.

3. Desserts

Every holiday event has sweet treats! Try these trends to present your event dessert menu creatively.

Dessert Boards

holiday trends hot chocolate bar

Try smaller-sized desserts for the holidays and display assortments on large boards and platters. Shrinking your sweets allows guests to try more than one type, and their size makes them portable enough for moving around the venue and socializing. Think about serving decadent cookies, bars, candy, and mini pies.

Hot Chocolate Bar – Naughty or Nice

Why limit your hot chocolate toppings to just marshmallows? Set up a DIY hot chocolate bar with nice giant marshmallows, chocolate chips, peppermint flakes, whipped cream. Or maybe something more naughty like some liqueur for a spiked option!

Plant Based Desserts

The demand for vegan options continues into the dessert menu. Try your best recipes using plant-based ingredients and locally sourced ingredients for some yummy and indulgent holiday treats.

4. Décor

Put the box of tangled Christmas lights and outdated holiday centerpieces back in the closet and take a look at these trends instead.

Monochromatic Design

Use variations of a single color, in lightness and darkness, or use a limited color palette in your holiday décor. Think winter whites or a range of metallics. This can be an elegant and simple way to set the mood for the holidays.

Custom Branding

Implementing company brand colors, logos, or other small branded elements into the overall event scheme is what many corporate event planners seek. When done right, branded decor can actually enhance your event experience and even provide wonderful photo ops.

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