Is Tripleseat to Good to be True?


I receive a number of questions about Tripleseat every day. It seems that the number one question is about the price.

Questions like: “is it really only $89 per month?” or “sure it is $89 now but when are you going to whack me for more?” and my favorite, “what are the other charges you are not telling me about?”

Let me put everyone at ease. Tripleseat is $89 per month per restaurant. Period. There are no hidden costs, no long term contracts (no contracts at all actually), you can cancel anytime. And yes, you can get access to your data directly from Tripleseat if you decide to cancel and want your data.

I have spent at least 15 years of selling software the traditional way, you know, long term contracts, nickel and dime pricing, spending weeks on contract negotiations – only to wind up where we started. When I started Tripleseat, I did not want to make access to the product difficult. I knew Tripleseat was valuable and would deliver.

In short, I am putting my money where my mouth is. Take the 30 day FREE trial (yes, it is free, and no we will not charge you for anything). If you like it and it provides you value, awesome, the $89 should not be that big of deal. If you don’t like it, tell me why – maybe we can fix it.

No gotcha here.