Tips for Event Professionals on De-Stressing During the Holidays


One fact that all event professionals understand is the chaos that ensues when holiday season event planning is in full swing. The calendar being booked up is obviously a good thing, but it can lead to stressful days in the hospitality world. You need to be at the top of your game for event season, and managing stress is key to getting the job done.

Next time you find yourself with a busy week ahead, give your mind a break with one (or all) of these stress relieving tricks. Easy to do and instant results. Relax event pros, you deserve it!

Get outside
It may be the obvious first suggestion, but studies show the significant effect that time spent outside has on your mind. Not everyone has the time to hit the gym in the morning, so try taking some extra minutes physically outside if you are able. Take a phone call with you down the block or eat lunch on the outdoor patio. Any extra minutes of fresh air in your lungs can benefit your health and your mood. On the weekends take a jog through town, a hike up a mountain trail, or a day trip into the city.

These can be short or long trips, whatever fits easily into your life schedule. Remember the point is to de-stress, so pick the outdoor time that works best for you.

It may not be for everyone, but don’t knock it until you try it. Sometimes the best stress relief is simply taking all of the thoughts that fly around in your mind, and spilling them on a page in front of you. Journaling about goals, plans, and ideas may be the answer you need to get all of the things on your mind into one organized place. A journal is your own private space to keep your thoughts safe, so no need to worry about pleasing an audience. If you are not into old school pen and paper, start a journal section in your phone notes or create your own blog. There are many platforms out there that would work just as well to create the same outcome.

Time with friends
Chatting, laughing, eating meals — there are endless benefits to quality time spent with the important people in your life. It is actually a fact that laughter can decrease stress hormones in the body. Who doesn’t like to laugh and also physically de-stress their body? Whether it be a venting session about the stress of your job or a conversation to distract from that stress, your friends care about what you’re feeling and want to help however possible.

Designated do not disturb time
It may not always be possible, but if it is, try to set a designated do not disturb time when you disconnect from your cell phone. Set boundaries with your team or your clients that you may not be available at a certain time due to personal reasons. It may be a blocked off hour during the day where you don’t schedule appointments, or once you go home for the night and want to turn off work to fully focus on yourself or family. Every busy event professional deserves a break to breathe. The stress of your job should not have the power to consume your life, so do this for yourself and allow a little personal time.

New hobbies
Who doesn’t love a book club or a relaxing session with paints and a canvas? Baking, coin collecting, museum visiting, fishing — there are endless ways to stimulate your interests outside of your job and personal obligations. New hobbies can connect you with new people, take you to new places, and teach you things that you never knew before. There’s no better time than the present to pick up new interests.

De-stress for success
These tips will get you through the holiday season, but keep them in mind throughout the year for other chaotic times like graduation season or Mother’s Day weekend, big wedding receptions, or the days where everything seems to go wrong. Reducing stress can help you handle anything that gets thrown your way, and that could lead to bigger and better things for your career — like promotions — in the future.

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