The Worst Holiday Marketing Mistake Your Venue Can Make


At Tripleseat, a lot of us subscribe to our customers’ emails because we love them and as customers and diners, we’re huge fans of their menus, the venues themselves, and the people who work there.

But around this time of year — the beginning of the holiday marketing season — there’s one thing that makes us cringe: Holiday marketing emails that are missing a link to a venue’s lead form and instead ask customers to call or email them about booking their holiday party.

This is the worst holiday marketing mistake your venue can make.

Customers want convenience, and asking them to pick up the phone or compose an email is not convenient. It’s placing an obstacle between them and booking your restaurant. And that means you could be missing out on holiday revenue.

Tripleseat lead form tips

Tripleseat’s lead forms are easy to build and easy to use in any of your marketing efforts. This tutorial explains how to create your lead form in your Tripleseat account:


Here’s a look at how you can take your lead form link and add it to your holiday email marketing:


Finally, take your holiday marketing to the next level with tips from our Beyond Basics webinar: Holiday Promo Ideas for Your Lead Form.


Holiday emails drive results

If you need some assurance that emailing a lead form link will drive holiday revenue, here’s a few statistics. Your customers want to receive emails from you. 72 percent of consumers still prefer email as the primary way of communicating with businesses. And Campaign Monitor found that email is responsible for 20 percent of online holiday site visits

Customers want your offers and if you make it easy for them, they will click and fill out your lead inquiry form. It’s that simple.

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