The Catering Packages You Need to Win Corporate Business


Is your fast-casual restaurant or company trying to win more corporate event business? A good way to grab corporate clients’ attention is to offer tailored catering packages that will appeal to their needs.

Oftentimes the planning of office events falls to an executive assistant, or to someone who has volunteered to organize office activities. Why not make their jobs easier by creating specifically tailored packages for events they may need catering for? Here are a few ideas of circumstances where corporate businesses could use some creative catering. 

1. Build your own breakfast catering

Having catering options for breakfast is a no-brainer for corporate clients —they often need food options for an early morning meeting, an all-day training, or to just show a little employee appreciation. Rather than offer a bland assortment of pastries or bagels, try putting together some “build your own” options. This could be as simple as a build your own parfait bar, or a bit more elaborate like a build your own waffle bar. Kick it up a notch and offer a chef attendant to have something like a build your own omelet station. These options are a great way to get everyone excited for an early meeting! 

2. Working lunch catering 

Another opportunity to cash in on some corporate catering is during lunchtime. This will be a big hit with anyone who has to entice people to attend a meeting or training during lunch, or if the only time to welcome a new hire or get everyone together is lunchtime. Putting together packages for these events should include a wide assortment of items that appeal to lots of different dietary restrictions and preferences, and to make the food easy to eat so that it doesn’t distract from the “working” part of the working lunch!

3. Dessert catering

There are lots of reasons to celebrate with your coworkers — birthdays, work anniversaries, bridal and baby showers — the list goes on. Lots of offices will try to organize a celebration for all these events into a monthly or quarterly celebration, so having a celebration catering package that includes sweet treats is a great way to help enhance these celebrations. Let companies customize the theme, or choose from an assortment of options so they can tailor it to their needs.

4. Cocktail party catering

Lots of companies choose to host after-work celebrations in their offices, either for holiday parties, or a weekly Wine Wednesday networking opportunity for coworkers. Hosting something in your office is a good way to get everyone involved and give them the opportunity to attend. Put together some catering packages for cocktail-style parties, and include drink or wine pairing ideas (or if you can, the pairings themselves). People would love the idea of individual charcuterie cups or if you could put together grazing boards, or other small, pre-packed easy to eat items.

Manage it all with TripleseatDirect

Once you add some new options, make sure you’ve got the right software to manage your catering business. TripleseatDirect enables restaurants and hotels to offer on-premise and off-premise events and catering to be booked by their clients, directly from their website, social media platforms, or EventUp. TripleseatDirect provides your customers with a simple online booking solution where they can book, plan, and pay for in-house private events, off-site catering, pickup, and delivery with zero friction.

If your venue isn’t using TripleseatDirect feature yet, head on over to our TripleseatDirect page for more information or to book a demo.