The Bridal (Suite) Life


While weddings are about couples falling in love, the goal of a venue manager is to get that couple in love with your venue. While the list of venue “must haves” that Bridezillas (and let’s be real, Groomzillas) desire can be unrealistic, there should at least be one that is an easy check off for any venue — a bridal suite.

If you are an event professional at a wedding venue, chances are that you already have some sort of room for the bride and groom to get ready in. But, if you are with a less traditional venue for couples to have their nuptials, then it’s time you gave some serious thought to offering a bridal suite as an amenity for your wedding business.

Why add a bridal suite

Bridal suites do not have to be fancy — the more unique it is to your venue’s vibe, the more it will add to the personality of your client’s event and photos.

It could be what helps your venue stand out; I’ve known brides who have chosen locations based solely on the “Instagrammable” appearance for photos. Just make sure that in addition to being a visually appealing space, the bridal suite has enough room for the bride and her bridal squad to relax, get ready and enjoy those special moments before the walk down the aisle.

You may still be reading this and thinking, “I don’t work at a wedding venue; why do I need a bridal suite?” Fair enough, but don’t forget that a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet (get it?). A bridal suite can have many uses, depending on who your client is and what type of event they are hosting.

Do you host concerts or performers? Great! Your bridal suite, once a room to prepare for a wedding day, can be a green room for rock stars, bands, and other musical or performing acts to relax before they go on stage. And fun fact — most performers have this requirement in their riders — so an event planner might be looking for a space with a room to accommodate this request.

If you host corporate events or conferences, the bridal suite can double as a private staff room for the organizers, and it’s another great benefit to consider when event managers are looking for a venue to host their event. They may need a space to prep their event items or for staff to take a break in.

When you book events that include VIP guests or celebrities, make them feel special by providing this extra space as a VIP Room for them to relax in before mingling with guests. They will appreciate having their own space away from the crowds, and it’s a nice touch to offer them something private that they can use for meetings, getting ready, or just hanging out.

One space fits all

No matter how you dress it up, having a bridal suite at your venue is beneficial for many different event types. It’s up to your imagination to think of ways that room can be utilized. It’s also guaranteed to give your clients everything they need and leave everyone living happily ever after once the event is over.

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